The Young Lady Is A Royal Chef – Chapter 56

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The Young Lady is a Royal Chef is a manga series that tests the culinary skills of young Sena, the daughter of a noble family.

She has previously run a small restaurant and now must enter a competition to prove her culinary skills and become the Young Lady of the Royal Cuisine.

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As the despised daughter of a noble family, Sena has acquired a talent for cooking.

As she strives to prove herself to other noble women, she must balance her power and affection in her cooking.

The challenge of being a royal chef is no small feat, and Senianna must face many tests throughout the manga.


Senianna is a detested daughter of a noble family, but luckily she has a skill for cooking.

She is determined to prove her worth and earn the title of Chef Royale. The Senianna manga series is available on a number of websites and manga communities.

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The plot of Senianna is not as straightforward as you might imagine. For example, we learn that she is gaslighted by her family and that her parents try to change this.

That’s why the cooking theme is mostly relegated to the background.

In the end, it is used as a plot device and deus ex machina skill to establish her superiority over her family.

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