Pampered Chef Says Thank You

Pampered Chef has a new way to say thank you. For every sale you make, they will donate 15% of the proceeds to charity.

And if you order right now, they will process your order the same day you place it.

Just enter the code Pampered15 at checkout and you’ll be credited with the appropriate amount.

Pampered Chef will donate 15% of all sales

If you are looking for a gift for a friend or family member, Pampered Chef has a number of options.

Not only do they sell natural stoneware and other Pampered Chef items, but they are also committed to helping the environment.

If you order one of their products, they’ll donate 15% of all sales to support the Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund.

Plus, you can get free gifts, like Bamboo Slotted Spoons and Bamboo Petite Snack Bowls with every $100 purchase.

Another great way to support the company is to host a fundraiser party online.

Pampered Chef will donate up to 15% of the sales at your fundraiser party to Wide Horizons Inc.

The fundraiser party will feature new recipes, product demonstrations, testimonials about Pampered Chef products, and free product giveaways.

It will take around 6 weeks for the product to be delivered, so order now to take advantage of this great offer!

Orders processed the same day received

If you’re considering purchasing a Pampered Chef product, you may be wondering about their return policy.

Pampered Chef offers direct shipping and offers its customers a chance to make changes to their orders until midnight on the day of shipment.

After that, you’ll be charged for the order.

You can also receive a free guest special when you spend $80 or more.

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